pb: jake gyllenhaal • claim: justin theroux • man
birth name: oliver tobias moorman
date of birth: march 13, 1980 (35)
place of birth: memphis, tn
current residence: los angeles, ca + chicago, il
occupation: actor, writer, producer
marital status: still into cats
children: nicholas "nicky" (b. 03.07.12)
cats: jesus, nemo (✝), murphy, lemon, felicia
religion: christian
family: allen moorman (father, ✝), anya moorman (step-mother), sally young (mother), mark young (ex-step-father), jackson moorman (b. 1986), thomas moorman (b. 1990), erika young (b. 1989), logan young (b. 1991), alice young (b. 1995)
hey, moo
Oliver came around and no one was ready for it. Not even the grown-ups, the adults full of life experience. It was not that he was a handful - sure, he could be on sunny and dry days - but everyone was too preoccupied with their own selves and his parents didn't even know how to do this parenting job, that in the mix of adult issues, that kid got lost. Crying for attention became a second nature, literally at times causing the fury of his paternal figure. Not one to learn his lesson - he kinda enjoyed the fact for one the focus was on him - Oliver kept on pushing, pulling, screaming, kicking until one day the line got crossed a bit too far for everyone's liking. Maybe that extra glass of whiskey had also been part of the equation; regardless, mother and son left and never looked behind at the abusive husband-father. Of course he was too young to really get it, or so they kept on saying. He's just three, it will be fine, he will bounce back. Y'all will bounce back. They did, eventually. Divorce, remarriages, little brothers and sisters, a couple of new houses later and Chicago became the new playground and setting for the next chapter of his kid's life.

Putting on a show was not a second nature for him, it was his default mode and though friends found it entertaining, it quickly became irritating for the grown ups and the ones enduring it from dawn until night. A real piece of work, he joined the army of "hyperactive" kids with a ton of medication to take. Sure he had issues, but none of them had to do with extra energy that no one knew how to handle. That was his life's problem from the get go, no one ever really know what to do with him. Responsibilities were given to him once he was old enough, but all he wanted was to have fun and entertain others. Make a career out of it? Na. College was supposed to be next, get a real job down the line and just follow that path everyone did one way or another. But after one semester - or less - Oliver figured that whole suburban lifestyle and hard working life with a predictable job was for everyone else. Just not for him. Packing his bags, his cat, with his best friend they got into his piece of crap of a car heading West because that's where everything happens. Also, he was tired of the cold.

There was no real plan for him. Other than find a job, which he did, and eventually get into acting for real with real offers. So far the experience had been very little and sure, drama classes give you kind of a background but really, the costumes were shit and so was everyone else. He was never one to enjoy the classics and shakespearian plays - dull and just overdone. He just wanted to make others laugh, really. Eventually that opportunity happened once he answered a casting call for this television show. It was new and seemed actually fun and better than all the shitty auditions he had been sent to. The part became his in the short lived Freak and Geeks. But at least it was real, it was professional and it got him what he would learn was one of the best tool in this business: contacts. That was one of his strength for sure. He could get anyone to talk, make sure sucking up was at its finest to get a bit of a needed push. But it was not just the connections that made him climb the ladder and fill his resume role after role. He was good. Not, mind blowing good but he was getting something, going somewhere and with only himself to thank for.

He was managing, television, big screen, guest parts, leading roles… he would take anything. Sometimes to work with a friend, other just because he wanted to be on THAT show. If he could, he would have been everywhere but as he would learn that was simply impossible. The acting bit was on a secure trajectory, for the most part, as long as he didn't piss off the old white dudes above but being one of those himself, there was not much to fear. A new challenge was imposed by himself, when he gave his try at writing something and actually show and share it with other people. It was one thing to dribble stories and pseudo-scripts that remained in that locked drawer; another to try and make a real movie out of it. Funny thing was how it worked, the film was made - and of course he had to star in it - which was enough to give him the confidence to try again and get himself on the map as a 'writer'.

Of course when everything goes well, you must ruin it with antics and cliché Hollywood lifestyle addiction. Alcohol started it all, the wrong people opened his eyes to a whole new level of drugs to make his life far more interesting and less dull on the non-working days. Except that's not how it works, and soon he needed it to function. It could have been too late if it was not for a semi-public incident involving him in a shameful state. A wake up call for everyone but also himself, Oliver found his way to rehab with the promise to get his life back on track and focus on his career. It kinda worked, even if there were too many parties with far too much to drink, smoke or snort involved and the following year(s) were much harder for him to handle then he would have though. But he came through and eventually his career didn't suffer any damage for him to bounce back and, somehow, pretend things have always been fine.

To keep himself always employed one way or another, he added a few more roles on his resume by way of producing and pitching show ideas. Because why not? The most fun and possibly therapeutic new adventure he took was voice acting. Something he never thought he would be decent at. But he was, and while it was work it was also a far more relaxed rhythm for him not to put his main task on the back burner. After all, he only wanted steady jobs and the security of it which he got with Bob's Burgers and the line of more or less successful pseudo-comedic roles. On a more personal life, things couldn't be more chaotic, relationships didn't seem to last or get the outcome he hoped and to top everything, one small flind ended with an unexpected child for him to take responsibility for. Sure, there were worse things than to become a father, try co-parenting with someone you barely knew. It was not ideal but it worked. His life worked, so far.

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